About Us

Kanine Banquet was established in August of 2009 by Kumiko, a life-long animal lover.
She has utilized her long time and comprehensive experience with canines in the form of certified master trainer(miyukumidog.com), handler, breeder, puppy development specialist, abandoned dog re-locator (rescue and placement), kennel and shelter manager to select a unique holistic food and product line.
She believes that there is no all-encompassing cookie cutter answer for canines and that each has individual needs. Some dogs thrive on certain products while others will show evidence of an allergic reaction.
It is for this very reason that she encourages one-on-one consultations about your beloved canine's personal needs. Through this parthership, your canine can live a long, healthy and happy life.
Kanine Banquet leases a space within the Pet Country Club, a 15 acre working dog facility in Frenchtown, NJ.
Kanine Banquet also participates in events as a vendor and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your next event.
Our goal is to ensure and the happiness of all of our clients.